Lavished with love and care

Lavished with love and care
A congress of the pensioners association of Uzbekistan has taken place in Tashkent.

The chairman of the association, K.Nabiyev, and others said that reforms being implemented in this country are directed towards providing comprehensive support for pensioners, social protection for veterans and elders and that these reforms help to increase their activeness in the socio-political life of the country.

During the congress, a report was heard on the work being done by the pensioners association of Uzbekistan.

Participants in the world war two, labour veterans and elders with no breadwinner are provided with free treatment at sanatorium and health improvement facilities in Tashkent and the regions. Regular medical examinations of people of advanced age are conducted, and material and moral support is provided.

"Constant support is provided for members of our association and people of advanced age in need of social protection. In the Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interests, the scale of work in this area further expanded. With help from sponsors utility bills of many of those in need of social protection have been paid. There are many such examples. As enshrined in Article 39 of the Constitution of our country, every elder has the right to social security. This serves as an important basis for the provision of social support for lone elders and pensioners," says Holmumin Dustmuradov, the first deputy chairman of the pensioners association of Uzbekistan.


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